16th EGC Pociunai. Day2

Weather has improved significantly. No more showers can be seen on the satellite images. Racing tasks for all classes around Kaunas control zones: 421km for open, 400,4km for 18 meter and 379,1km for 15 meter class. Later more.

General info

16th European gliding championships is being held in Lithuania, Pociūnai from 1st to 13 of August. A total of 75 competitors from 19 countries gathered to fight for three sets of medals: 25 in 15m, 29 in 18m, and 21 in open class. Louis Bouderlique, Russell Cheetham and Peter Harvey are the defending champions in 15m , 18m and open classes respectively.

Day 2

Pociunai is under the influence of high pressure area, therefore meteorologist expects good weather for soaring today, especially when a cold front passed over the night.  Racing tasks for 400km has been set.

11:35 “Sniffer” reported cloudbase at 900 with lifts up to 2-3 m/s and it should improve significantly during the day. It was decided to began launches at 12:00. Start lines has been opened at 13:00IMG_5791

As expected weather is fantastic. Currently pilots are on their way to their last turnpoint. You can monitor competition live. First arrivals are expected at about 17:00

18:18 Later during the day some spread-outs occur. This might have slowed down some of the pilots. The first arrivals were from the 18m class – Arne Boye-Moeller from Denmark with his JS1 flew the task fastest, but unfortunately violated airspace, therefore got a virtual outlanding.

Just a few minutes later open class gliders started crossing the finish line. Janusz Centka from Poland was the first of them. Later Peter Harvey from UK and Gintaras D. from Lithuania with Nimbus 4 gliders.

On the finish line road-blocking team follows arrivals carefully and do not allow anyone to drive through during the finishes. Organizers wants to avoid a mishap, which happened during the WGC in Szeged, Hungary (glider hit a truck).


Marginal arrivals:


18:57 Despite really good weather there are some outlandings. Voldemars Gavars (DK) from Latvia and Ezio Sarti (RJ) from Italy.

19:24 All gliders counted. The last of the finishers was Stasys Skalskis (SA) from Lithuania. Now everybody waits for results.

We cloud speculate them: so far the winners in the 15 meter class are Denis Guerin (P) from France and Andreas Lutz  (A) from Austria with an average speed of 91.2km/h.

Peter Eriksen (PE) from Denmark with a speed of 104.5 km/h will probably win in a 18 meter class while Frank Markus (EB) from Germany with a speed of 110.2km/h dominated in an open class.

However there are some airspace violations so the results are not accurate yet.

20:10 Results countings are almost over. We can clrealy say that after two days Lukasz Wojcik (LI) from Poland is leading in 15m class closely followed by todays winner Denis Guerin (SP) from France and three other pilots. The difrence between 1st and 5th place is only 8 points.

Sylvian Gerbaud (72) from France leading in an open class. His main rivals so far are Janusz Centka, Killian Walbrou and Bruno Gantenbrink.

Peter Eriksen (PE) from Denmark won the day today and now is the lead. Second and third places are occupied by two Polish pilots – Karol Staryszak and Zbigniew Nieradka respectively.

Weather for tomorrow is expected to be even better. Stay tuned!


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  1. When are the results coming on soaringspot???

  2. OG, dont worry about results, Doctor Zlotnic needs to stay outta airspace and hit tp’s properly…
    Here’s hoping he has a much better day today.

    Gooi mielies Doc.

  3. Vytautas says:

    If soaringspot’s difficulties continues, we will publish results in GlidingSport as soon as possible