16th EGC Pociunai. Day3

Racing tasks for all classes: 452,6km for 15 meter class, 473,8km for 18 meter class and 501,4km for an open class. Tonight Lithuanian national evening 20:00 in the hangar. Updated 19:51

General info

16th European gliding championships is being held in Lithuania, Pociūnai from 1st to 13 of August. A total of 75 competitors from 19 countries gathered to fight for three sets of medals: 25 in 15m, 29 in 18m, and 21 in open class. Louis Bouderlique, Russell Cheetham and Peter Harvey are the defending champions in 15m , 18m and open classes respectively.

Day 3

Another beautiful day. Pociunai are still under the influence of high pressure area so good weather for soaring is expected. That’s why task setter set even longer racing  tasks for today: 452,6km for 15 meter class, 473,8km for 18 meter class and 501,4km for an open class. 18m and open class glider pilots will good deep into Poland’s territory south-west of Pociunai and 15m class competitors will fly to north-west deeper into Lithuanian territory.


11:35 Launches has just started.  Towings takes about one hour, therefore start lines are expected to open at about 13:00.

Today tracking in 18m class. Tracking

12:29 Tug pilots did a great job. All gliders are in the air. Start line opens: for 15m – 12:22, 18m class – 12:15, open class – 12:30

13:10 Italians made a decision to start early today. Everyone from their team are already on their way to first TP.  Other are still waiting for conditions to improve or playing tactics.

13:25 It turns out that almost everybody already started. The top teams as well.

Germany: 15m – 12:45, 18m – 12:55, open – 12:59.

France: 15m – 12:33, 18m 12:42, open – 12:40

Poland: 15m – 12:31, 18m – 12:42, open – 12:45

As we can see from the start times German pilots started a bit later and will try to catch up with others. We will see if this was better decision.

13:45 French pilots from open class restarted. New start time 12:58.

Netherlands: 18m – 13:01, open – 13:04

Great Britain: 18 – 12:58, open – 12:54


First 15m sailplanes have just crossed the finish line. According to tracking 18m already rounded the last TP and since tracking has 15min delay they should be here any minute.

16:50 NX, 900, V8, EY, 5A, EQ, EQ, RP, V1, AZ, LI, SP, VS – he was probably too tired because he forgot to put out his undercarriage.

16:52 First glider from 18 m class HD – Zbigniew Nieradka from Poland followed by PL – Karol Staryszak.

16:53 SJ – he will get a warning for incorrect landing procedure. Closely followed by  EBI, P, G9, WO – warning for incorrect landing procedure as well.

16:59 First open class gliders – 30, EB

17:17 More than half of the competitors have already finished. So far very few glider from an open class.

17:22 N1 speed finish. EX and LY from Germany. EX – will get a warning for dangerous maneuvers during landing.

17:25 LB, 110, T4, NB

18:29 Most of the competitors finished their tasks, only one outlanding Voldemars Gavars (DK) from Latvia.  The weather was even better as expected and pilots showed incredible average speeds: 121km/h Arne Boye-Moeller from Denmark in 18 meter class, 123,km/h Kim Tipple from UK in an open class, 116km/h Henrik Breidahl from Denmark in 15m class. They will probably be the winners of the day.

Lithuanian national evening

Tonight is Lithuanian national evening at 20:00 in the hangar. Everyone is invited.


Total results saw some changes in all classes:


Bruno Gantenbrink stepped into the first place even though he finished only fifth today, Janusz Centka remains Second while Peter Kreijcirik from (Czech Republic) had a very nice day and climbed from 6th to the third place. Previuos leaders from France dropped to 5th and 7th places. Points remain closely spaced. It is still hard to predict the real leaders, though French, Polish, German and Czech pilots are doing better than others so far. Defending champion Peter Harvey is having troubles finding a “form” and remains 14th with more than 500 points behind a leader.


The least changes among the top pilots are in 18 meter class. Pilots from Denmark ruled the day.  Arne Boye-Moeller won the day again – no airspace violation found this time while Peter Eriksen remains the competition leader and increases the lead by 100 points.  Karol Staryszak, Zbigniew Nieradka, Wolfgang Janowitsch, Ed Johnston and Russell Cheetham remains second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. World vice champion Ronald Termaat from Netherlands climbed from 12th to 7th place.


Winner in 15 meter class is Henrik Breidahl from Denmark, but he still remains at 6th place. French pilots had a good day as well. Defending champion Louis Bouderlique finished fourth and climbed to first place overall while his team mate Christophe Ruch finished third and now stands in the second place. They overcame previous leader Lukasz Wojcik from Poland who dropped to third place.  Denis Guerin- fourth and Andreas Lutz in fifth place. They slowly but surely increase lead over others. World champion Stefano Ghiorzo and his team mate Gostner Thomas with Dianas 2 are behind 200 points.

Weather for tomorrow should improve even more. Don’t be surprised if you see 750km for an open class…


Day 3, 15-meter, Preliminary results

1.5AHenrik BreidahlDenmarkVentus-2a12:36:5116:30:5203:54:01116.0km/h452.6km1000
2.900Chris StarkeyUKASW 27b12:34:0716:30:0203:55:55115.1km/h452.6km985
3.EYChristophe RuchFranceVentus 2ax12:34:2816:30:4003:56:12115.0km/h452.6km982
4.EQLouis BouderliqueFranceVentus 2ax12:34:0616:30:3603:56:30114.8km/h452.6km980
5.RPTomasz RubajPolandDiana 212:32:0816:30:1403:58:06114.1km/h452.6km967
6.V8Gyorgy GulyasHungaryVentus2ax12:30:5816:30:2403:59:26113.4km/h452.6km957
7.VSStefano GhiorzoItalySZD 56 - Diana 212:41:3016:44:2804:02:58111.8km/h452.6km929
8.LIWójcik LukaszPolandAsw-2712:32:1316:36:4704:04:34111.0km/h452.6km917
9.IIXMarkku KuusistoFinlandVentus 2b12:38:1216:46:2504:08:13109.4km/h452.6km890
10.SPDenis GuerinFranceVentus 2a12:34:3316:43:2404:08:51109.1km/h452.6km886
11.AAndreas LutzAustriaVentus 2a12:56:3417:07:2004:10:46108.3km/h452.6km872
12.SVKestutis MiliunasLithuaniaLAK-17a12:37:2416:48:2004:10:56108.2km/h452.6km871
13.VIDominik JancikSlovakiaVentus-2bx12:19:5416:32:1504:12:21107.6km/h452.6km861
14.XYGintautas ZubeLithuaniaVentus 2ax12:49:0217:01:4304:12:41107.5km/h452.6km858
15.AZPetr TichyCzech RepublicVentus 2a12:19:4816:32:5404:13:06107.3km/h452.6km855
16.KXTapio TourulaFinlandVentus 2 bx12:38:0216:52:2204:14:20106.8km/h452.6km847
17.CGunnar AxelssonSwedenVentus 2b12:34:4116:53:3904:18:58104.9km/h452.6km815
18.NXMartin HrivnaCzech RepublicASG-29e12:20:2616:39:5504:19:29104.7km/h452.6km812
19.KTGostner ThomasItalySZD 56 - Diana 212:41:3317:01:4504:20:12104.4km/h452.6km807
20.EIDavid BauderGermanyVentus 2ax12:45:0917:08:3504:23:26103.1km/h452.6km786
21.DEMichael EiseleGermanyVentus 2ax12:45:1117:08:4704:23:36103.0km/h452.6km785
22.PXPeter IsacssonSwedenVentus 2ax12:29:2716:57:3804:28:11101.3km/h452.6km755
23.T4Nick TillettUKASW 27b12:48:4517:23:3804:34:5398.8km/h452.6km715
24.HJReinhard HaggenmüllerAustriaVentus 2b12:35:5318:12:0505:36:1280.8km/h452.6km416
25.DK*Voldemars GavarsLatviaVentus-B12:17:000


15-meter Overall results after day 3

1.EQLouis BouderliqueFranceVentus 2ax2829
2.EYChristophe RuchFranceVentus 2ax2827
3.LIWójcik LukaszPolandAsw-272772
4.SPDenis GuerinFranceVentus 2a2737
5.AAndreas LutzAustriaVentus 2a2722
6.5AHenrik BreidahlDenmarkVentus-2a2665
7.VSStefano GhiorzoItalySZD 56 - Diana 22588
8.V8Gyorgy GulyasHungaryVentus2ax2490
9.IIXMarkku KuusistoFinlandVentus 2b2487
10.KTGostner ThomasItalySZD 56 - Diana 22466
11.AZPetr TichyCzech RepublicVentus 2a2420
12.RPTomasz RubajPolandDiana 22360
13.PXPeter IsacssonSwedenVentus 2ax2323
14.KXTapio TourulaFinlandVentus 2 bx2289
15.SVKestutis MiliunasLithuaniaLAK-17a2190
16.XYGintautas ZubeLithuaniaVentus 2ax2156
17.900Chris StarkeyUKASW 27b2133
18.EIDavid BauderGermanyVentus 2ax2132
19.DEMichael EiseleGermanyVentus 2ax2103
20.CGunnar AxelssonSwedenVentus 2b2053
21.VIDominik JancikSlovakiaVentus-2bx1802
22.NXMartin HrivnaCzech RepublicASG-29e1768
23.HJReinhard HaggenmüllerAustriaVentus 2b1275
24.T4Nick TillettUKASW 27b881
25.DKVoldemars GavarsLatviaVentus-B77


Day 3, 18-meter, Preliminary results

1.SJArne Boye-MoellerDenmarkJS-1b13:01:2116:56:1403:54:53121.0km/h473.8km1000
2.PEPeter EriksenDenmarkASG-29e12:59:1816:59:4904:00:31118.2km/h473.8km953
3.JSRonald TermaatThe NetherlandsJS-1b13:01:3117:02:1604:00:45118.1km/h473.8km951
4.E1Russell CheethamUKJS-1b12:56:2216:57:1404:00:52118.0km/h473.8km950
5.GPSMaurits DortuThe NetherlandsJS-1b13:01:3917:02:4804:01:09117.9km/h473.8km948
6.WOWolfgang JanowitschAustriaVentus-2cxa12:57:0416:58:1804:01:14117.8km/h473.8km947
6.G9Ed JohnstonUKASG 29e12:56:3716:57:5104:01:14117.8km/h473.8km947
8.MXMartti KoivulaFinlandASG-29e12:57:0917:01:5704:04:48116.1km/h473.8km919
9.HDZbigniew NieradkaPolandASG-2912:42:0116:53:4404:11:43112.9km/h473.8km866
10.LR1Gintautas ButnorisLithuaniaLAK-17b12:48:4817:01:2204:12:34112.6km/h473.8km860
11.PLKarol StaryszakPolandASG-2912:41:5916:54:5904:13:00112.4km/h473.8km857
12.RSPetr SetkaCzech RepublicVentus-2cxm13:04:3517:17:5104:13:16112.3km/h473.8km855
13.LKLubor KuvikSlovakiaASG-29e13:04:5717:18:2604:13:29112.2km/h473.8km853
14.PXIJaroslav TomanaCzech RepublicVentus-2cxt13:04:4217:18:3804:13:56112.0km/h473.8km850
15.EBIEric BernardFranceASG 29e12:42:2016:57:2804:15:08111.4km/h473.8km841
16.RBRiccardo BrigliadoriItalyVentus-2cxa12:43:5817:02:0204:18:04110.2km/h473.8km820
17.IGilles NavasFranceASG-29e12:42:0717:01:0104:18:54109.8km/h473.8km814
18.HEErkki HeinonenFinlandASG-29e12:56:3317:17:5704:21:24108.8km/h473.8km797
19.10Gary StingemoreUKASG-29e12:56:4417:21:3504:24:51107.3km/h473.8km774
20.EXAxel HornGermanyVentus-2cxa12:55:1917:20:3204:25:13107.2km/h473.8km771
21.LYSebastian HuhmannGermanyASG-29e12:55:0917:20:3004:25:21107.1km/h473.8km770
22.WGWerner AmannAustriaVentus-2cx13:04:2217:45:4704:41:25101.0km/h473.8km669
23.P10Vladimir KochkinRussiaLAK-17a12:28:3017:10:3104:42:01100.8km/h473.8km666
24.LRMindaugas ZaliukasLithuaniaJS-1b12:23:2517:08:5504:45:3099.6km/h473.8km645
HC.BGMark HollidaySouth AfricaLAK-17bt12:36:5817:24:2904:47:3198.9km/h473.8km634
25.69Fredy ZulligerSwitzerlandASG-29e12:29:3717:20:0004:50:2397.9km/h473.8km618
26.7Peter CuttingSwedenVentus-2cxm12:56:4417:47:2304:50:3997.8km/h473.8km616
27.BXPéter SzabóHungaryVentus-2cxaj12:44:4117:36:0004:51:1997.6km/h473.8km613
28.3ABMauro BrunazzoItalyASG-29e12:47:3618:00:3405:12:5890.8km/h473.8km501


18-meter Overall results after day 3

1.PEPeter EriksenDenmarkASG-29e2887
2.PLKarol StaryszakPolandASG-292784
3.HDZbigniew NieradkaPolandASG-292772
4.WOWolfgang JanowitschAustriaVentus-2cxa2771
5.G9Ed JohnstonUKASG 29e2734
6.E1Russell CheethamUKJS-1b2701
7.JSRonald TermaatThe NetherlandsJS-1b2573
8.GPSMaurits DortuThe NetherlandsJS-1b2552
9.IGilles NavasFranceASG-29e2542
10.10Gary StingemoreUKASG-29e2495
11.LR1Gintautas ButnorisLithuaniaLAK-17b2463
12.EXAxel HornGermanyVentus-2cxa2437
13.LYSebastian HuhmannGermanyASG-29e2412
14.LRMindaugas ZaliukasLithuaniaJS-1b2276
15.EBIEric BernardFranceASG 29e2068
16.RSPetr SetkaCzech RepublicVentus-2cxm2050
17.RBRiccardo BrigliadoriItalyVentus-2cxa2033
18.LKLubor KuvikSlovakiaASG-29e1995
19.SJArne Boye-MoellerDenmarkJS-1b1984
20.PXIJaroslav TomanaCzech RepublicVentus-2cxt1960
21.MXMartti KoivulaFinlandASG-29e1953
22.HEErkki HeinonenFinlandASG-29e1933
23.7Peter CuttingSwedenVentus-2cxm1785
24.WGWerner AmannAustriaVentus-2cx1681
25.69Fredy ZulligerSwitzerlandASG-29e1597
26.3ABMauro BrunazzoItalyASG-29e1485
27.P10Vladimir KochkinRussiaLAK-17a1337
28.BXPéter SzabóHungaryVentus-2cxaj1156
HC.BGMark HollidaySouth AfricaLAK-17bt1033


Day 3, open class, Preliminary results

1.176Kim TippleUKNimbus 4t12:58:1317:01:4904:03:36123.5km/h501.4km1000
2.EBMarkus FrankGermanyEB-2912:55:3217:00:3604:05:04122.8km/h501.4km988
2.PFTomas RendlaCzech RepublicASW-22ble12:56:3817:01:4404:05:06122.8km/h501.4km988
4.RXPetr KrejcirikCzech RepublicASW-22ble12:56:5017:02:2604:05:36122.5km/h501.4km984
5.YYBruno GantenbrinkGermanyNimeta / EtaN412:59:2317:13:3904:14:16118.3km/h501.4km916
6.30Janusz CentkaPolandASH-30mi12:45:0717:00:3904:15:32117.7km/h501.4km907
7.72Sylvain GerbaudFranceNimbus-4m12:57:4817:20:4004:22:52114.5km/h501.4km853
8.ECKillian WalbrouFranceNimbus 4T12:57:5917:21:0004:23:01114.4km/h501.4km852
9.IEJosef KammerhoferAustriaASW-22ble13:00:3117:23:4704:23:16114.3km/h501.4km851
10.N1Peter HarveyUKNimbus 4m12:53:4517:20:5404:27:09112.6km/h501.4km824
11.NBMarkus GäumannSwitzerlandNimbus-4m12:58:1617:25:4404:27:28112.5km/h501.4km822
12.LBGintaras DrevinskasLithuaniaNimbus-412:52:4017:23:2704:30:47111.1km/h501.4km799
13.V1Mark WeringThe NetherlandsNimbus 4t13:03:5717:34:5804:31:01111.0km/h501.4km798
13.110Steve JonesUKNimbus-4m12:53:4717:24:4904:31:02111.0km/h501.4km798
15.4TPeter BatenburgThe NetherlandsNimbus 4T13:04:0817:40:2304:36:15108.9km/h501.4km764
16.VBVitaly BorovikRussiaNimbus 4m12:53:0617:37:2404:44:18105.8km/h501.4km714
17.XLBjörn RegnströmSwedenNimbus-4DM12:31:4417:17:3504:45:51105.3km/h501.4km704
18.RJEzio SartiItalyASH-2512:32:3017:38:5005:06:2098.2km/h501.4km590
19.MFYves RuymenBelgiumNimbus-4dm12:39:5217:47:0005:07:0898.0km/h501.4km586
20.SAStasys SkalskisLithuaniaLAK-20t12:39:3517:55:2105:15:4695.3km/h501.4km543
21.SDDmytry BorovykUkraineNimbus 4DM12:53:5218:21:2505:27:3391.9km/h501.4km48


Open class Overall results after day 3

1.YYBruno GantenbrinkGermanyNimeta / EtaN42664
2.30Janusz CentkaPolandASH-30mi2656
3.RXPetr KrejcirikCzech RepublicASW-22ble2629
4.EBMarkus FrankGermanyEB-292616
5.PFTomas RendlaCzech RepublicASW-22ble2610
6.72Sylvain GerbaudFranceNimbus-4m2606
7.ECKillian WalbrouFranceNimbus 4T2600
8.176Kim TippleUKNimbus 4t2525
9.LBGintaras DrevinskasLithuaniaNimbus-42521
10.NBMarkus GäumannSwitzerlandNimbus-4m2427
11.V1Mark WeringThe NetherlandsNimbus 4t2304
12.4TPeter BatenburgThe NetherlandsNimbus 4T2259
13.IEJosef KammerhoferAustriaASW-22ble2224
14.XLBjörn RegnströmSwedenNimbus-4DM2208
15.110Steve JonesUKNimbus-4m2184
16.N1Peter HarveyUKNimbus 4m2135
17.VBVitaly BorovikRussiaNimbus 4m1923
18.SAStasys SkalskisLithuaniaLAK-20t1638
19.MFYves RuymenBelgiumNimbus-4dm1474
20.SDDmytry BorovykUkraineNimbus 4DM1465
21.RJEzio SartiItalyASH-25990



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