16th EGC Pociunai. Rest day. Visit to LAK factory

10th competition day has been cancelled due to bad wather. Task setter Algimantas Jonušas organized an excursion to LAK factory.

General info

16th European gliding championships is being held in Lithuania, Pociūnai from 1st to 13 of August. A total of 75 competitors from 19 countries gathered to fight for three sets of medals: 25 in 15m, 29 in 18m, and 21 in open class. Louis Bouderlique, Russell Cheetham and Peter Harvey are the defending champions in 15m , 18m and open classes respectively.

Rest day

Morning started with an overcast and light rain. It was almost sure that there wont by any flying today, but the the day was cancelled during the second briefing at 12:00. Afterwards everyone wondered how to spend the rest of the day. Some went to the city, some to the SPA center and some chose to go with task setter Algimantas Jonušas to visit LAK factory.

LAK history

The Company was founded in 1969. For over 35 years the Company has designed and manufactured highest quality gliders. In the course of its history the Company designed, tested and produced 20 different types and modifications of gliders and motor-gliders.

Glider Denesis

Genesis 2

Sailplane Lak-6 Nida

Sailplane Lak-6 Nida

LAK-12 sailplane

LAK-12 "Lietuva" sailplane

Flying laboratory

Flying laboratory. Made from two "Blaniks"

More than 400 company’s products-different types of LAK (LAK- Lithuanian aviation construction) gliders- successfully fly in 30 countries.

The first high performance glider BK.-7 “Lietuva” took-off in 1972. Since then many other aviation projects were developed and manufactured best known of which are Open class glider LAK-12; 15-18m class glider LAK-17a, Standard class gliders Genesis 2 and LAK-19; self- sustaining gliders LAK-17AT and LAK-19T; primary training glider LAK-16, open class ships LAK-20T and LAK-20M.

Lak factory

Visiting LAK factory

Visiting LAK factory

Algimantas Jonušas, Ronald Temaat, Kuujiper

Task setter Algimantas Jonušas - guide in the LAK factory


Carbon fiber rod

Carbon fiber rod

Carbon rods plus resin...

Carbon rods plus resin...


Sailplane wing's spar

... and you have a spar

Spars in the molds

Then you put a spar in to the left side molds


spar in right side molds

... and in to the right side molds

carbon ang glass fiber material

carbon fiber material


Part of the sailplane fuselage

One part of the fuselage


Part of sailplane's fuselage

Second part of the fuselage

Glueing two fuselage parts

Merge them together


Combined glider spars

Combine the two parts together


Add stabiliser

LAK-17b wing

The wings...

LAK-17b sailplane

And you have a LAK-17b sailplane



































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