16th EGC Pociunai. Last competition day. Closing ceremony

The last competition day saw an exiting finale. In 15m class Henrik Breidahl from Denmark finished on equal points with Denis Guerin from France. Loui Bouderlique dropped to fourth. In 18 m class Zbigniew Nieradka from Poland regained second place and Frank Markus hold first place in an open class.

General info

16th European gliding championships is being held in Lithuania, Pociūnai from 1st to 13 of August. A total of 75 competitors from 19 countries gathered to fight for three sets of medals: 25 in 15m, 29 in 18m, and 21 in open class. Louis Bouderlique, Russell Cheetham and Peter Harvey are the defending champions in 15m , 18m and open classes respectively.

Last competition day

Soaring conditions during the last day had a slow momentum. When “sniffer” took-off  cloudbase was much lower than his release altitude (400m and thermals up to 1m/s) and rose very slowly. Even when glider pilots started (14:00 to 15:00) the cloudbase was still only 700m. Today organizers decided to start with an open class first, since they had one valid day less than the other classes.

Open class

Frank Markus with EB sailplane had a comfortable 147 points lead in an open class so the biggest fight today was between Petr Krejcirik from Czech Republic and Killian Walbrou from France. It was only 5 points difference between the two. Czech pilot started with Germans while Killian Walbrou waited for few minutes and started from behind. By using Germans and Petr as a themal-showers French pilot saved time centering thermals and soon caught up with them. The rest of the task he just flew right beside him and hold the advantage. The winner of the day was Peter Harvey from UK who started 40 minutes later than others and had a much better run.

Open class winners

Open class winners: Killian Walbrou (left), Frank Markus, Petr Krejcirik (right)

18 meter class

When open class gliders finished their task it was already clear who’s going to be on the podium in an open class, therefore everyone’s attention turned to 18 m class. The day before Zbigniew Nieradka lost second place and dropped to fourth place so he was eager to get it back!  Polish pilot won the day and showed that he’s an excellent pilot and is worth the name of a world vice champion. Peter Eriksen had a terrible day and lost more than 200 points and was pushed out of the podium to fourth place. Russell Cheetham finished third which gave him third place overall as well.


18m class winners

18m class winners: Zbigniew Nieradka (left), Karol Staryszak, Russell Cheetham (right)

15 meter class

The most excitement was in 15 meter class. Henrik Breidahl who was 95 points behind second and 68 behind third place won the last day. By doing that he collected the same amount of points as Denis Guerin (who was second) and only two points more than defending champion Louis Bouderlique and puched him to fourth place! Since Breidahl won two days and Denis only one Danish pilot ended up second and Denis third. Chrostophe Ruch hold his advantage convincingly and become 16th European gliding champion.

15m class winners

15m class winners: Henrik Breidahl (left), Christophe Ruch, Denis Guerin (right)

Closing ceremony

Youngest pilot

Youngest pilot



Team Cup Winners

Team Cup Winners: Denmark (2nd), France (1st), Poland (3rd)


Full results


Overall results after day 10

# CN Pilot Team Glider Total
1. EY Christophe Ruch France Ventus 2ax 7323
2. 5A Henrik Breidahl Denmark Ventus-2a 7175
2. SP Denis Guerin France Ventus 2a 7175
4. EQ Louis Bouderlique France Ventus 2ax 7173
5. IIX Markku Kuusisto Finland Ventus 2b 7026
6. V8 Gyorgy Gulyas Hungary Ventus2ax 6855
7. AZ Petr Tichy Czech Republic Ventus 2a 6845
8. RP Tomasz Rubaj Poland Diana 2 6747
9. VS Stefano Ghiorzo Italy SZD 56 – Diana 2 6678
10. A Andreas Lutz Austria Ventus 2a 6370
11. KX Tapio Tourula Finland Ventus 2 bx 6270
12. XY Gintautas Zube Lithuania Ventus 2ax 6237
13. DE Michael Eisele Germany Ventus 2ax 6018
14. LI Wójcik Lukasz Poland Asw-27 6017
15. VI Dominik Jancik Slovakia Ventus-2bx 5992
16. EI David Bauder Germany Ventus 2ax 5888
17. PX Peter Isacsson Sweden Ventus 2ax 5849
18. C Gunnar Axelsson Sweden Ventus 2b 5771
19. 900 Chris Starkey UK ASW 27b 5664
20. KT Thomas Gostner Italy SZD 56 – Diana 2 5623
21. SV Kestutis Miliunas Lithuania LAK-17a 5394
22. NX Martin Hrivna Czech Republic ASG-29e 5128
23. T4 Nick Tillett UK ASW 27b 4283
24. HJ Reinhard Haggenmüller Austria Ventus 2b 4073
25. DK Voldemars Gavars Latvia Ventus-B 818


Overall results after day 10

# CN Pilot Team Glider Total
1. PL Karol Staryszak Poland ASG-29 8172
2. HD Zbigniew Nieradka Poland ASG-29 7984
3. E1 Russell Cheetham UK JS-1b 7946
4. PE Peter Eriksen Denmark ASG-29e 7719
5. G9 Ed Johnston UK ASG 29e 7708
6. JS Ronald Termaat The Netherlands JS-1b 7706
7. 10 Gary Stingemore UK ASG-29e 7479
8. GPS Maurits Dortu The Netherlands JS-1b 7461
9. I Gilles Navas France ASG-29e 7401
10. WO Wolfgang Janowitsch Austria Ventus-2cxa 7260
11. SJ Arne Boye-Moeller Denmark JS-1b 7220
12. EBI Eric Bernard France ASG 29e 6982
13. RB Riccardo Brigliadori Italy Ventus-2cxa 6938
14. EX Axel Horn Germany Ventus-2cxa 6740
15. LR Mindaugas Zaliukas Lithuania JS-1b 6676
16. 69 Fredy Zulliger Switzerland ASG-29e 6253
17. PXI Jaroslav Tomana Czech Republic Ventus-2cxt 5952
18. LR1 Gintautas Butnoris Lithuania LAK-17b 5901
19. MX Martti Koivula Finland ASG-29e 5869
20. RS Petr Setka Czech Republic Ventus-2cxm 5834
20. HE Erkki Heinonen Finland ASG-29e 5834
22. LK Lubor Kuvik Slovakia ASG-29e 5738
23. 7 Peter Cutting Sweden Ventus-2cxm 5104
24. WG Werner Amann Austria Ventus-2cx 4972
25. LY Sebastian Huhmann Germany ASG-29e 4773
26. BX Péter Szabó Hungary Ventus-2cxaj 4744
27. 3AB Mauro Brunazzo Italy ASG-29e 4460
28. P10 Vladimir Kochkin Russia LAK-17a 3751
HC. BG Mark Holliday South Africa LAK-17bt 2338


Open class
Overall results after day 9

# CN Pilot Team Glider Total
1. EB Markus Frank Germany EB-29 7088
2. EC Killian Walbrou France Nimbus 4T 6932
3. RX Petr Krejcirik Czech Republic ASW-22ble 6897
4. 72 Sylvain Gerbaud France Nimbus-4m 6694
5. 110 Steve Jones UK Nimbus-4m 6675
6. LB Gintaras Drevinskas Lithuania Nimbus-4 6416
7. 4T Peter Batenburg The Netherlands Nimbus 4T 6178
8. N1 Peter Harvey UK Nimbus 4m 6139
9. 176 Kim Tipple UK Nimbus 4t 6136
10. V1 Mark Wering The Netherlands Nimbus 4t 6124
11. YY Bruno Gantenbrink Germany Nimeta / EtaN4 6061
12. IE Josef Kammerhofer Austria ASW-22ble 6007
13. PF Tomas Rendla Czech Republic ASW-22ble 5963
14. 30 Janusz Centka Poland ASH-30mi 5820
15. NB Markus Gäumann Switzerland Nimbus-4m 5776
16. XL Björn Regnström Sweden Nimbus-4DM 5233
17. SD Dmytry Borovyk Ukraine Nimbus 4DM 4883
18. VB Vitaly Borovik Russia Nimbus 4m 4663
19. MF Yves Ruymen Belgium Nimbus-4dm 3408
20. SA Stasys Skalskis Lithuania LAK-20t 3326
21. RJ Ezio Sarti Italy ASH-25 3148


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