Tim Kuijpers and Felipe Levin – 7th junior Word gliding champions

Tim Kuijpers clinches his first world gliding junior title on the last competition day while Felipe Levin without any difficulties defended his earned title during 6th JWGC in Rayskala 2009.

General info

7thFAI World junior gliding championships 2011 was held in Germany, Musbach from 5th to 20 of August. A total of 81 competitors from 21 countries: 44 in club class and 37 in standard class. Felipe Levin is the defending champion in standard class. Previous champion in club class Volker Sailer is out of age. 

Championships started with three cancelled days in a row but slowly gained momentum and on a fourth contest day the first task was flown, after which 7 consecutive flying days followed.

The favorites to win the championships were two German pilots who top up the IGC junior ranking list – Felipe Levin and Sebastian Nägel. The latter was expected to win in club class while Felipe in standard.

Everything went well for Sebastian, who won the first task and stayed at the top until the fourth contest day when he landed out 26 km from the start and got only 60 points while his main rivals collected around 500 points. He continued to rule throughout the whole championships and won another two days or finished among top 5, but it was not enough even to reach a podium, therefore he had to satisfy with the fourth place.

Club class World junior gliding champion become Tim Kuijpers (2B) from Netherlands with Std.Cirrus who climbed to the first place on the very last contest day. He flew very consistently throughout the contest and even managed to finish one task when all other competitors had landed out. The second and third places went to Sebastian Nägel’s compatriots – Alexander Späth and Tobias Welsch.

Junior world gliding champion in club class Tim Kuijpers standing on the podium together with the second and the third place winners

Tim Kuijpers (Netherlands) - Junior World Champion in Club class

Felipe Levin (FL) with Discus 2a once again proved to be the world’s strongest junior glider pilot in standard class. He won the first two tasks and maintained the lead throughout the championships and won with a huge advantage over second place (480 points).  Second place went for Lukasz Grabowski from Poland and third to Jon Erik Lygren from Norway.  

Junior world gliding champion in standard class Felipe Levin standing on the podium together with the second and third place winners

Felipe Levin (Germany) - Junior World Champion in Standard class

Next Junior World gliding championships (JWGC) will be held in Poland, Leszno 2013

FAI flag is being passed to JWGC 2013 organizers from Poland

Photos © Lothar Schwark


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