Giorgio Galetto wins 4th gliding Grand Prix

Giorgio Galetto won the last day at the 4th gliding Grand Prix and clinched his first GP title. Sebastian Nagel was leading the competition, but landed out 10km short of the airfield on the last day and dropped to second place. Peter Hartmann overcame Uli Schwenk to finish third overall.

General info

There were 9 qualifying competitions during the year. From each competition two best pilots got the ticket to the finals, which is hosted in Wasserkuppe, Germany 23 to 30 July 2011. Gliding Grand Prix is a race with gliders throughout a pre-set route. Unlike in conventional competition everyone start at the same time, so whoever crosses the finish line first wins the day, provided he does not get any penalty seconds. To complete the task it usually takes about 2-3 hours. Scoring system is also different. 10 points for the first place, 8 for the second, 7 for the third and so on.



The last day saw an exciting finale. Competition leader Sebastian Nagel from Germany could not finish the task along with the 10 other glider pilots and landed out just 10 km short of the airfield. His main rival Giorgio Galetto from Italy finished first and became the champion of the 4th gliding Grand Prix. Uli Schwenk with 19 points was at third place overall, but finished last of the finishers which gave him only 1 point while Peter Hartmann from Austria (17points) showed good flying skills and finished fourth on the day and overcame Uli in the standings.



1 CT GALETTO, Giorgio ITA Ventus 2ax 31
2 77 NÄGEL, Sebastian GER ASW 27 25
3 PC HARTMANN, Peter AUT Ventus 2 22
4 M6 SCHWENK, Uli GER ASW 27 20
5 AX NOVAK, Ivan CZE Ventus 2a 19
6 DID HAUSS, Didier FRA Ventus 2Cxa 16
7 GT ROCCA, Carlos CHI Ventus 2ax 13
8 PS JANSEN, David AUS ASW 27 12
9 ALB PUSKEILER, Patrick GER Discus 2ax 10
10 VV HOLIGHAUS, Tilo GER Ventus 2ax 10
11 CC VERON, Nicolas FRA ASW 27 10
12 JS SORRI, Juha FIN Discus 9
13 LR BARROIS, Jean Denis FRA ASW 27 7
14 M3 SUPERSPERGER, Eduard AUT Ventus 2b 6
15 MC MATKOWSKI, Christoph POL ASG 29 E 6
16 AJ NETUSILOVA, Alena CZE ASG 29 15-E 4
18 BG TERONEN, Olli FIN ASW 27 0
18 KOS KOS, Wojciech POL ASG 29E-15 0


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