Reiner Rose receives Lilienthal medal award

105th FAI general conference took place on 11th – 16th of October 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia. During the opening ceremony various awards, medals and diplomas were presented for aviation personalities who have contributed in aeronautical disciplines. The most honourable award in soaring discipline – Lilienthal medal, was presented for Reiner Rose there.

(yes, yes it has already been a month since the FAI awards but we still want to emphasise this Reiner Roses’s achiviement and this time with pictures).

The hall where 105th FAI general conference is to be held  FAI sign on the screen before the begnining of the 105th FAI general conference

Lilienthal medal

Lilienthal gliding medal was established by the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) in 1938 to honour Otto Lilienthal and is awarded annually for the glider pilot who has: established an international record during the past year; or made a pioneer flight (defined as a flight which has opened new possibilities for gliding and/or gliding techniques); or rendered eminent service to the sport of gliding over a significant period of time, and is still an active glider pilot.

Lilienthal gliding medal. It is the highest award for soaring pilots.

Lilienthal medal

Reiner Rose recieves Lilienthal medal

Reiner Rose and his team received Lilienthal medal for founding and developing the OLC (online gliding competition) which nowadays became the most popular decentralized gliding competition in the World with more than 10 thousand competitors and 250 average flights per day. About a month ago a 2011 OLC season ended where the winner became German pilot Klaus Ohlmann.

Reiner Rose recieves Lilienthal medal              Reiner Rose is being awarded with Lilienthal medal

Reiner Rose recieves Lilienthal medal award