Quintus M – New open class glider

Schempp-Hirth started its newest glider’s Quintus M serial production. Quintus is a 23 m. span single-seater open class sailplane which was first presented during the yearly expo at AERO in Friedrichshafen. It is a new product from Schempp-Hirth with cooperation with Lange Aviation.

Manufacturer expects that newly designed fuselage and airfoils will bring both comfort and high performance with “Schempp-Hirth flight feeling”. With expected best L/D of 60 and very wide range of wing loading 38 kg/m2 – 58 kg/m2 Quintus M sailplane will be perfect for competition flying and might become the favorite glider for the next World gliding championships in Uvalde, Texas (USA). This wonderful glider will be available only as a self-launching with SOLO 2625 combustion engine.

Quintus technical data:Span: 23 mWing area: 14.75 m2Empty weight: ~480 kgMTOM: 850 kg

Ballast: 250 litres

Wing loading: 38 – 58 kg/m2

Quintus M sailplane


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