2011 OLC season is over. Klaus Ohlmann 4th time OLC champion

Klaus Ohlmann wins 2011 OLC competition. During the 2011 OLC season more than 13 thousands competitors made 101,358 flights and flew nearly 27 million kilometers.

General info

OLC is an online contest for glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots. It is being organized by non-profit organization Segelflugszene gemeinnützige GmbH. The season runs for full year starting and ending from the second Monday of October. During the season pilots upload their flights’ log files to the OLC server where their scores are being calculated automatically and are put on the web site for the display. The usage of handicaps allows different class pilots to compete in the competition. The overall winner is the pilot who gets the most points out of six flights.

Klaus Ohlmann

Klaus Olhmann is a glider pilot from Germany who currently holds 36 world gliding records. One of them is the longest flight ever made with gliders (in Argentine mountains he made a flight for 3009km). 5 records  are still waiting for an approval in gliding category and 2 records in a solar-powered airplanes category set with Icares2.

Photo of Klaus Ohlmann standing next to Icares2 glider

Klaus Ohlmann standing next to Icares2 glider


He recently took part in a “Green flight challenge” sponsored by Google and won the second place with a e-Genius team from Germany.


Klaus lives in France near Serres where he owns gliding school called Quo Vadis. When the summer is in the northern hemisphere he usually flies in the French Alps teaching glider pilots for mountainous flying and trying to set the world records in Argentina when summer is in the southern hemisphere. He is also a member of the mountain wave project  of the meteorological section of OSTIV.

OLC competition

Klaus Ohlmann wins OLC competition for the fourth time. His all six flights which took part in the OLC competition had been made over the Andes, flying in the mountain waves. Almost all of the flights started from Chapelco Airport at San Martín de los Andes (Argentina)


Average km per flight is ~ 1644 km. Two of the flights pretend to set five world gliding records. The flight made on 8 of December, 2010 (flight1) may set three records in three different categories: distance in triangular course, speed of a triangular course of 1500 km, free triangle distance. His flight made on 12 of January, 2011 (flight2) may set the gliding records in two categories: distance over a triangular course, free triangle distance. Both claims are currently under review.

The top 10 glider pilots of OLC competition


OLC – Online contest

Quo Vadis

Mountain wave project


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