12th Pribina Cup 2012

Two days left to the biggest international competition this year – Pribina Cup 2012 (last year 237 registered for the competition). Like always gliding competition in Nitra is being held during the Eastern holiday, 7 – 14 of April. 128 pilots will compete in four classes: club, 15m., open and 20m. Multi-seat. In  club – 44 pilots, 15 m – 32 pilots, open – 41 pilots and in 20m – 10 pilots.

Air traffic control tower

Pribina Cup gliding competition usually attracts some of the top pilots and this year is not an exception – Karol Staryszak (European gliding champion in 18m class and currently ranked nr. 9), Roman  Mraček (11), two French top pilots Christophe Ruch (12) and Louis Bouderlique (18), former European gliding champion Wolfgang Janowitsch, Riccardo Brigliadori (77), Helge Liebertz (137) and many others.

Training days

So far the weather is booming in Nitra Robin Förster from Germany and his compatriot Hans Buhlmann had an average speeds of 111 km/h in 300 km task today “flight”. From the nearby airfield “Prievidza” Jan Rothhardt is the winner of the day in the OLC competition – 525 km with a speed 110 km/h “flight”. Lets hope the weather will be fine throughout the competition and we’ll see good racing.

Gliders standing in the grid in Nitra airfield

Glider flying in Slovakia near lower fatra


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