IGC meeting 2012

2012 International gliding commission (IGC) meeting was held on 2-3 March in Potchefstroom, South Africa. During the meeting many interesting subjects have been discussed and proposed. Here are some that might be interesting:

Continental records

Since most of the gliding records during the last years had been made only in the lee waves of the Andes Mountains an idea of Continental Records was proposed and accepted by the IGC:

 Continental Records are successfully established now! They are implemented in our rules, the general part of the Sporting Code (SC) and the Gliding section of the Sporting Code (SC3). And they are in force, since 1st October 2011. Hence, Continental records can be flown on six continents, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania, Europe, North America and South America.

The implementation of Continental Records should bring more pilots to setting records, it‘ll be cheaper and yet again setting records in the thermal conditions will be possible.

Safety Pays

An interesting propositions from SPWG (Safety pays working group). The aim of this report is to get an attention of pilots about flying safety and to encourage them to invest into safety. The recommendations by the group for the year 2012 would be:

  1. OSTIV Safety Award
  2. Emergency Cockpit Egress Training
  3. Championship points (4%) as Safety Pays Shopping List

The last recommendation is quite interesting:

In order to achieve 100% of maximum possible points gained during the championships the pilots shall, at their own discretion, choose from and comply to any of the items listed in the table below so that the sum of the relevant % values is at least 4. For this purpose any combination of actions / equipment / devices from the list is allowed. If case of use of more items a maximum ceiling of 4% will be considered.

Initial Shopping List:


Safety Device

Points %


Installation of energy absorbing foam seat cushion for spine protection



Demonstration of cockpit evacuation time (static on the ground)



Improvement of the in-flight conspicuity (observability) achieved by installation of appropriate markings



Installation and use of traffic situational awareness device (Flarm ® or compatible)



Emergency locator beacon or similar system (ELT, Spot, etc)



Correct installation of side string angle of attack indicator



Spinal protection device


After the 2012 season it’ll transpire what pays off and what doesn’t and proposals for changes in the sporting code will be made during the next IGC meeting in 2013.

Gliding Grand Prix

Some of the gliding grand prix rules have been changed. To qualify for the finals:

  • The pilots placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd ir there are 10 entries or more at the qualifying SGP
  • The pilots placing 1st and 2nd if there are between 5 and 10 entries
  • There will be no qualifying pilot if there are less than 5 entries
  • There will be no reserve pilots

 Gliding Grand Prix qualifying competitions:

Country Venue Dates Contact Email
Romania Brasov -Ghimbav 29 Apr. to 6 May 2012 Bogdan Sorescu bogdan.sorescu@aeroclubulromaniei.ro
South Africa PilanesbergAirport 30 Sept. to6 Oct. 2012 Bruce Greeff bruce@wird.co.za
Australia Lake Keepit 12 to 18 Nov. 2012 Chris Bowman Chris.Bowman@pcce.net
Chile SantiagoVitacura Dec. 2012 or Jan. 2013 ReneVidal rvidal@bombatek.cl
Slovakia Prievidza 26 May to1 Jun 2013 JozefSnirc snirc@aerospool.sk
France TBC TBC Philippe de Pechy commission.sportive@ffvv.org


World and European gliding championships in 2015

  • 7th FAI Woman’s World Gliding Championships 2015
    Awarded to : Arnborg, Denmark
  • 8th FAI Junior’s World Gliding Championships 2015
    Awarded to : Narromine, Australia
  • 18th FAI European Gliding Championships 2015
    Awarded to : Ocseny, Hungary (18m, 20m and Open) and Rieti, Italy (Standard, Club and 15m) – joint bid


Lilienthal Medal  –  Giorgio GALETTO (ITA)

Pelagia Majewska Medal  – Gill VAN DEN BROECK (BEL)

Pirat Gehriger Diploma – Andrea TOMASI (ITA)

Next meeting

The next FAI Gliding Commission annual meeting will take place on 1 and 2 March 2013.

The meeting‘s agenda and all the discussions material can be found at the http://www.fai.org/gliding