The Pribina Cup 2012 is over

pribina cup 2012

The last day of the Pribina Cup 2012 competition was cancelled!

Happy Easter!


Gliding Sport wishes all pilots and gliding fans safe flying and happy Easter!

12th Pribina Cup 2012

pribina cup 2012

Two days left to the biggest international competition this year – Pribina Cup 2012 (last year 237 registered for the competition). Like always gliding competition in Nitra is being held during the Eastern holiday, 7 – 14 of April. 128 pilots will compete in four classes: club, 15m., open and 20m. Multi-seat. In  club – […]

IGC meeting 2012


2012 International gliding commission (IGC) meeting was held on 2-3 March in Potchefstroom, South Africa. During the meeting many interesting subjects have been discussed and proposed. Here are some that might be interesting:
Continental records
Since most of the gliding records during the last years had been made only in the lee waves of the Andes Mountains […]

Reiner Rose receives Lilienthal medal award

Lilienthal gliding medal. It is the highest award for soaring pilots.

105th FAI general conference took place on 11th – 16th of October 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia. During the opening ceremony various awards, medals and diplomas were presented for aviation personalities who have contributed in aeronautical disciplines. The most honourable award in soaring discipline – Lilienthal medal, was presented for Reiner Rose there.

IGC pilots’ ranking list 2011: TOP 100


Almost all of the major gliding competitions are over this year. After the year of competitive flying this is how the IGC ranking list looks like. Last time ranking list was updated on October 5th.

Quintus M – New open class glider

Quintus M sailplane

Schempp-Hirth started its newest glider’s Quintus M serial production. Quintus is a 23 m. span single-seater open class sailplane which was first presented during the yearly expo at AERO in Friedrichshafen. It is a new product from Schempp-Hirth with cooperation with Lange Aviation.
Manufacturer expects that newly designed fuselage and airfoils will bring both comfort and […]

2011 OLC season is over. Klaus Ohlmann 4th time OLC champion


Klaus Ohlmann wins 2011 OLC competition. During the 2011 OLC season more than 13 thousands competitors made 101,358 flights and flew nearly 27 million kilometers.

Video from 7th junior Word gliding championships


Very nice videos made during junior World gliding championships 2011 in Musbach, Germany.

Tim Kuijpers and Felipe Levin – 7th junior Word gliding champions


Tim Kuijpers clinches his first world gliding junior title on the last competition day while Felipe Levin without any difficulties defended his earned title during 6th JWGC in Rayskala 2009.
General info
7thFAI World junior gliding championships 2011 was held in Germany, Musbach from 5th to 20 of August. A total of 81 competitors from 21 countries: […]