16th EGC 2011 Nitra. Day canceled. National team evening


Briefing was as always at 10:00. At first the task has been canceled only for three classes: club, standard and 20m. World class glider pilots had to wait for a small ‘”window”, but eventually organizers canceled the day for them as well. It is already fourth non-flying day in a row and the weather hasn’t […]

16th EGC 2011 Nitra. Non-flying day again


Despite the rain and complete overcast organizers set a grid. Briefing at 10:00. Meteorologist expected some improvement and a small gap for a short task. At first grid time was 12:45, but Vladimir Foltin extended it to 13:15. Tasks were distributed during team captains briefing at 12:30. It turned out that this was only a […]

16th EGC 2011 Nitra. Fourth competition day

No tasks for today… rain, rain, rain. Briefing started at 10 am. Organizers awarded winners of the day. “OSTIV SDP safety pays” presentation stirred controversial discussions.
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16th EGC 2011Nitra. First days of the competition

Storm cloud

After two successful training days an official opening ceremony took place near a hangar with a nice airshow afterwards. Very tricky weather during the first two competition days forced many pilots to out-land therefore crews had a difficult job as well.
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16th EGC 2011 in Nitra – Slovakia starts on Monday

16th European gliding championships starts on Monday. Most of the competitors have already registered and passed technical inspection. Official opening ceremony will take place today 19:00 at the hangar after which organizers promised an airshow. More news later.
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Pilot registrations for FAI EGC 2011 in Nitra and Pociunai are now closed


Pilots’ registration for EGC 2011 in Nitra, Slovakia and Pociunai, Lithuania has reached the deadline. 94 pilots in Club, Standard, World and 20m multi-seat classes will compete for 4 sets of medals in Nitra this year. 17 crews in 20m multi-seat class will fly in 3 types of glider. Nine Duo discus form a majority […]