16th EGC Pociunai. Last competition day. Closing ceremony


The last competition day saw an exiting finale. In 15m class Henrik Breidahl from Denmark finished on equal points with Denis Guerin from France. Loui Bouderlique dropped to fourth. In 18 m class Zbigniew Nieradka from Poland regained second place and Frank Markus hold first place in an open class.

16th EGC Pociunai. D9-10. Stormy weather. Zbigniew Nieradka down, Russell Cheetham up


A very small gap before arrival of cold front allowed a short AAT task for two hours. Only 18m class gliders was launched, for 15m and open classes the day was cancelled. Zbigniew Nieradka dropped to fourth place, Russel Cheetham climbed to second.

16th EGC Pociunai. Rest day. Visit to LAK factory


10th competition day has been cancelled due to bad wather. Task setter Algimantas Jonušas organized an excursion to LAK factory.

16th EGC Pociunai. Day 9


It was another exiting day here in Pociunai. AAT for 2 hours for all classes for it was expected some showers and overcast as yesterday. Lukasz Wojcik (LI) broke his glider. France still dominates in 15m, Poland in 18m. Russell Cheetham climbed to third place overall.

16th EGC Pociunai. Day 8


The day which looked really promising in the morning turned into black Tuesday. During the launches Thomas Gostner made a ground loop and damaged his glider. Gäumann Markus from Switzerland landed out in to the fields and broke his Nimbus 4. Thankfully he is safe.

16th EGC Pociunai. Day 7. Classical music concert


One more flying day before coming frontal system. AAT tasks for 2 hours with a minimum of 170-220km. 50 % of the competitors have landedout or used an engine. France and Poland maintain lead in 15m and 18m. Frank Markus from Germany leads in open class. Pažaislis music festival.

16th EGC Pociunai. Exciting Day 6


A very exciting 6th competition day. 360km tasks before cold front. Gyorgy Gulyas, Wolfgang Janowitsch and Janusz Centka outlanded. Three French pilots in top 3 in 15 meter. Poland dominates in 18 meter. Frank Markus increases lead in open class.

16th EGC Pociunai. D5: 600km plus tasks!


Fifth day started with nearly 700km for an open class. 600km plus for others. Latvian pilot spent the night in a glider somewhere in the fields. Good day for French and UK pilots. French pilots maintains lead in 15 meter class, while Poland is still dominating in 18m. Petr Krejcirik is no longer a leader […]

Who will become a champion at 16th EGC 2011 Pociunai?!


After fourth competitionat day at 16th EGC there are already clear favorites who could win this championships. Who do YOU think will become European champions ?!

16th EGC Pociunai. Day3


Racing tasks for all classes: 452,6km for 15 meter class, 473,8km for 18 meter class and 501,4km for an open class. Tonight Lithuanian national evening 20:00 in the hangar. Updated 19:51

16th EGC Pociunai. Day2


Weather has improved significantly. No more showers can be seen on the satellite images. Racing tasks for all classes around Kaunas control zones: 421km for open, 400,4km for 18 meter and 379,1km for 15 meter class. Later more.

16th European gliding championships in Pociunai


Just after European gliding championships ended in Nitra another one started in Lithuania, Pociunai with open, 18m, and 15m classes. Opening ceremony took place in a nearby town Prienai and the championships is now officially open. First competition day cancelled due to stormy weather. Today first competition day with AAT tasks.

Pilot registrations for FAI EGC 2011 in Nitra and Pociunai are now closed


Pilots’ registration for EGC 2011 in Nitra, Slovakia and Pociunai, Lithuania has reached the deadline. 94 pilots in Club, Standard, World and 20m multi-seat classes will compete for 4 sets of medals in Nitra this year. 17 crews in 20m multi-seat class will fly in 3 types of glider. Nine Duo discus form a majority […]