FCC 2011. Miscalculated final glide. Part 1


Glider – Jantar Std 3
Headwind – up to 60 km/h
Lands 200-300m short of finish line

FCC 2011 is now over

Gerrard G Dale

FCC 2011 is now over. During competition there was a total of nine flying days. At the beginning of competition there were three very windy days (wind reached up to 60 km/h), then cyclone ruined everything and for three days pilots had to stay on the ground. When finally anticyclone came the wind calmed […]

3rd Flight challenge cup – FCC 2011. Day 3


At last! After four raining (and snowing) days we had the third flying day in Prievidza. In the morning weather looked really promising with clouds streets to the horizon. As usual, briefing 10:00 o’clock. Meteorologist promised improving weather, but with local spread-outs. Task setter prepared two variants of AAT task. A – for 3 hours […]

3rd Flight challenge cup – FCC 2011. Day 2


Day 2 weather was very similar to Day 1. Strong wind, up to 15 m/s, was blowing from north-west. Wind changed direction at the time when all gliders were already in the grid. Therefore, organizers had to change the grid to the other side of the runway. Briefing started at 10am. This time meteorologist was […]

3rd Flight challenge cup – FCC 2011. Unofficial training day and Day 1


On Friday it supposed to be an official training day, however there were very few competitors. Everyone started gathering in the evening and somebody arrived only on the competition day itself. Therefore organizers did not make any briefing nor did they gave a task. Only a few who arrived in the morning or the day […]