4th gliding Grand Prix finals starts tomorrow


Tomorrow starts 4th gliding Grand Prix finals. It is being held in Germany, Wasserkuppe to mark the 100 years anniversary since the first gliders flights were made here at this airfield.
General info
There were 9 qualifying competitions during the year. From each competition two best pilots got the ticket to the finals, which is hosted in […]

Italy Sailplanes Grand Prix 2011

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The last of 2011 series qualifying sailplane Grand Prix stage is taking place in Calcinate del Pesce Airport, Varese, Italy 28 May – 05 June. A total of 16 pilots competing to qualify for the finals. Do not miss a chance to watch it LIVE!  Live coverage starts everyday at 13:30 CET.

Another spectacular video about sailplane Grand Prix in the Andes. Enjoy!

This is the promo for one of the programs on the new Blu ray from www.sailplanegrandprix.com. Shot with a Cineflex in full high definition from a AS350 B3 Eurocopter during the Sailplane Grand Prix, Santiago 2010

Qualifying Gliding Grand Prix in Finland

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2011 penultimate qualifying gliding Grand Prix stage saw a historical moment in GP competition – two tasks in one day! Aku Jaakkola and Juha Sorri qualified for the finals.

Sailplane grand prix in the Andes promo video in HD

Sailplane GP in the andes

A very nice and instructive new video about gliding Grand Prix racing in Chile. For full movie visit www.sailplaneGrandPrix.com

Gliding Grand Prix qualifying competitions in France and Romania

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Last week ended two qualifying gliding Grand Prix competitions: in France, Saint Auban and Romania, Brasov. 11 pilots from 6 countries competed in France and 7 pilots from 3 countries in Romania. Updated

Australian qualifying gliding Grand Prix: Bruce Taylor qualifies for the final

One out of 10 qualifying gliding Grand Prix 2010-2011 series was held at Lake Keepit, Australia from 19 to 25 March. Nine competitors gathered to compete for a ticket to the Final. 2 best glider pilots qualify for the Final, which will be hosted at the Wasserkuppe airfield, Germany on 23 to 31 July, 2011. […]