Interviews by Dutch team during the 16th EGC Pociunai


The Dutch team at the European gliding championships 2011, Pociunai had a  reporter Joris and a camera-man Jeroen who created daily impressions based on interviews with pilots, crew and organizators. Most of the interviews are in English language.

Another spectacular video about sailplane Grand Prix in the Andes. Enjoy!

This is the promo for one of the programs on the new Blu ray from Shot with a Cineflex in full high definition from a AS350 B3 Eurocopter during the Sailplane Grand Prix, Santiago 2010

Sailplane grand prix in the Andes promo video in HD

Sailplane GP in the andes

A very nice and instructive new video about gliding Grand Prix racing in Chile. For full movie visit

FCC 2011. Miscalculated final glide. Part 1


Glider – Jantar Std 3
Headwind – up to 60 km/h
Lands 200-300m short of finish line